Bad bunch is a cartoony aircraft pvp game, focusing on a fast-paced team-based competitive gameplay. The game takes inspiration from the real world of combat aviation starting from world war 1 up until the modern day with elements of fantasy and sci-fi.

Fighter plane

The players who seek to rule the sky will help defend their teammates from the enemy’s dogfighters while also help destroy the other team’s aircraft.

Bomber plane

The players who seek to help the team in taking control over objectives directly can do so using the bomber, a slow yet deadly airplane designed to carry a load of bombs to a targeted location. Destroying the enemy’s troops and defenses.

Attack helicopter

The players who seek to help the team rule the sky but from a more safe and defensive position, the Attack helicopter gives the players the ability to snipe from afar. In case of danger through the attack helicopter can go invisible and escape unnoticed

Assault helicopter

The players who seek more tactical gameplay, are able to do so using smart decisions using the assault helicopter. Deciding where and which troops to put down on the ground to help and take control over the team’s objective.