Boom goes the dynamite!

Another week, another update:
A lot of work is going on behind the scenes. There are some of the official development paths worked on this week:
1. New version of the game was tested among the dev team. Target is to build up to a version that we are ready to fan test first, before releasing it to the general public. If you want to be part of this pre-pre-alpha then make sure to sign up and/or join the Discord. ETA for this is a couple of weeks (be gentle if we have to delay due to unforeseen events).

2. Sound Engineers are booming away on weapon sounds. (sorry, no examples here, but look out for them in upcoming game versions)
3. If you’re on our Discord you’ll already have seen the Programmers work on some Transport helicopter logic set up. Multiplayer connectivity and vehicle controls have also been getting attention this week.

4. 3D Artists have been cranking out new models and textures. You’ll have seen some of them in our Discord as well. Guns, bombs, and helis, och my!

Also, flying: