Developer update 2019-06-11

Another week hard at work on the game. Internal play-tests are ongoing to work out all the kinks that exist with games this early on in development. The attack helicopter is hooked up in game. But currently the controls are hard to learn and Boki, who has the most experience because he programmed the damn thing, is blasting the rest of us into itsy bitsy smithereens. Now we have 3 of the 4 starter vehicles in game. Work has to be put in to get them flying the way we want, but its awesome to have them in-game this early in the project.

The bomber plane is being worked on, and because this dev blog is a bit late (blame the day job) we can even show the progress with a skinned model!

Bomber and attack plane comparisons:

The modelers are doing awesome work, and their products are easily visible for you. But also behind the scenes game sounds are being tweaked, levels are being drawn up, lore is being scribbled down, precious code is being milked from the teats of the Code Gods. These things are harder to show weekly progress on (the Code Gods are particularly shy). So more on that later.